Asus 14 Inc” Good Quality Laptop

moshiur rahman | 8:38 AM |

I have Asus 14 Inc” Good Quality Used Laptop for sale,  fully fresh condition, my buying price was,
26500,000 BDT, now I want to sale it only 14,500 BDT, only real interested buyer can contact urgently.
Comfortable with windows XP, windows 7, and windows 8.1 operating system,
Comfortable alphabetic and numeric keyboard, tow build-in speaker,
Processor:  Dual-core 2.10 GHz, RAM, 2 GB, System type, 32 bit operating system,
warless LAN, Local area connection, Bluetooth, Built-in web font camera, DVD re-writer,
Hard disk: 320 GB, display Size: 14. inches: Screen resolution: 1366 x 768
Made In China, you will get including Toshiba Branding power adapter, personal used laptop, urgent selling wanted.

Price: 14,500 BDT