Control Room Power Backup Solutions

moshiur rahman | 1:39 AM |

Usually Satellite Cable networking business (Control Room) Power Backup Solutions very important part of this business for superior service providing to each potential customer, if you working  without UPS power back Solutions, then every load shading time you will get big hesitation, so here is a calculation of average 60-80 channels up to 2 hours power backup.

Each Tata Sky set top box or free to air open box receiver is
12 Voltage
2.5 impair Maximum
30 Watt
So, 100  set top box and free to air open box receiver calculations is following
1200 Voltage
250 impair Maximum
3000 watt
So, here we need online heavy duty UPS backup Capacity, that will provide our expected voltage impair and watt. Estimate price: 2, 00000 BDT, including 1 dozen 12 voltage battery and online heavy duty UPS Machine.