15 KM Regular wi-fi Bandwidth Signal Transfer Plan

moshiur rahman | 5:23 AM |

Regular wi-fi 2.4 Ghz transmitter 15 Km Range

For, 15 KM Regular wi-fi Bandwidth Signal Transfer Plan, this 2 device enough for Routing.
Mikrotik RouterBoard : 165$
NSM2 2.4 Ghz Transmitter : 180$
also need additional hardware:  Networking Cat-6 Cable, Connector. ect.

shipping: Depending on Shipping method, It will like 150-200 $

*withing 2.5 KM Range Laptop & Desktop can receive Signal
*withing 1 KM Range Mobile can receive Signal
Depending on Area:
It get average of 900 meter (mobile), 2 km (laptop/desktop)

If we take a little test, start routing from your mobile and laptop,We  will see, Mobile can't route more  than 5 meter, but laptop can route more than mobile device.
Shipping Time Frame:
it takes, minimum of 30-45 Days after successful order, the company can't ship directly to Bangladesh, they ship it to USA & USA agent send it to Bangladesh. that's all

Ads update date @ 12 June / 16, call @ 01842*273770 @ Price 50,000 BDT,