Local Satellite Video Channel Solutions

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“Multiway Info System” help to build local business anywhere in Bangladesh,
Satellite cable TV network business one of them, we help to build Initial control room setup,
This is amazing entertainment satellite cable TV network business; you can make unlimited money forever! And we provide complete solutions doing this business. A part of Satellite cable TV network business we are providing Local Video Channel, you can broadcast local advertisement, entertainment, live program and etc.

If you have already Satellite cable TV network business on your hand, then you can earn extra money by setup Local TV channel Management Soft and other necessary hardware, there you can manage local Channel Movies, Natok, Local, Organization Advertisement, Live TV program broadcasting and many more.
You need to turn on a high configure PC with high volume Hard drive into Cable TV Channel
Play Movies, Songs, and commercials something
Play Scroll Ads, Schedule Ads, L-Shape Ads, and Pip Ads.
Display Logos, Live Cricket Score, Live TV, Song description, Etc.
you can follow Indian Music Channel 9XM, you can do like this using our software.


1-Video card 1 set | 8000/-
2-Mixer 1 set | 2200/-
3-Modulators | 3000/-
4-Channel Stover | 2000/-
5-Sofware 12 version | 10,000/-
6- installation bill will be: 10,000 /- only
Contact us if you need this Local Satellite Video Channel Solutions hardware and software,
Thank you.
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Initial Control Room Setup

Satellite Local TV Channel Soft