Initial Control Room Setup

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“Multiway Info System” help to build local business anywhere in Bangladesh,
Satellite cable TV network business one of them, we help to build Initial control room setup,
This is amazing entertainment satellite cable TV network business, you can make unlimited money forever! And we provide complete solutions doing this business.
Satellite cable TV network business, it refers DTH (Direct to Home) control room setup, there from you broadcast Bangladeshi all free Satellite TV channel with Indian several favorite payment system Satellite TV  channel and other country several favorite Satellite TV pay channel and one of local free channel, there you can broadcast local advertisement, entertainment, live program and etc. overall your Initial control room will broadcast up to 60 channels, it will network to your local area each interested customers and get monthly bill form your each customer,
For example if you wish to start with minimum 60 mixed channel (free and pay) then you need 60 receiver, 60 modulator and 4 channel mixer, Mixer Splitter, Dish Amplifier, Coaxial cable 1 coil and Cable connector and Installation. local TV connoting coaxial cable and connector, we have pay channel monthly DTH recharge with low cost, we have control room Installation level-1 high Skill based professional DTH technician, we always provide original and quality products. Our services team working on 24 x7 bases, if you wish to get our service then please contact us, we will assist you gladly.
for starting this business I am intruding about instrument.
All instrument are following:
(A) Free TV from Bangladesh
1-  twelve (12) feet big dish antenna
2- Norsat high powerful Lnb
3- Openbox S10 HD MPEG-4 Satellite Receiver 30 set for 30 channel
4- Free Bangla30 channel for 30 Modulator
(B) Pay Channel From India
1- Tata Sky mini dish antenna
2- Four Output Tata Sky Lnb
3- Tata Sky HD MPEG-4 Satellite Receiver 30 set for 30 channel
4- Pay 30 channels for 30 Modulators
(C) Other Device
1- Mixer 16 port 4 set.
2- Mixer Splitter 1 set
3- Dish Amplifier 1 set
4- Coaxial cable 1 coil and Cable connector
5- Installation.
Above all product and installation bill will be: 3, 50,000, three lac, fifty thousand taka only
Monthly average 30 channel average bill will be: 8,000, eight thousand taka only.

If you local area still not available this business then start today, otherwise your other competitor will take your place. you need good familiarity in your local place with you need to ability invest money on local satellite cable network business, then we are ready to help local satellite cable network famous baseness by setup DTH control room.
Contact us any in interested person anywhere from Bangladesh, we provide our better service around of Bangladesh, call us if you have any additional question, thank you for view our advertisement online!

******Frequently Asked Question******
what is snap of complete control setup?
Usually complete control setup is as per channel have a one set top box, It will wood rake, there will have various receiver, and set top box, Eg. Open box receiver, tata sky receiver, dish tv receiver,
airtel receiver, Videocon receiver, sun direct receiver, zing receiver,

How much cost of 60 or 100 channels?

its very much depend on current product of price, because some time product cost is high and some time, low, we can really familiar if anybody really want to setup control room!

What is segregated list of Pay channel?
Pay Channel from India

what is segregated list of free channel?
Free TV from Bangladesh

what is Total equipment list with warranty?
Usually pay channel set top box and free channel Receiver Company providing 1 year warranty, although those are stable up to 10 year easily, so don’t worry about not those product will damage early?

Have any offer letter with guarantee?

Don’t have any offer letter with guarantee, because product manufacturing companies not our father Inc. We just level one satellite engineer on this filed.

Have any service facility after installation?
Usually we will train you little bit about everything  installation, so you can fix little bit problem as well, if you have full focus on technical work, if you cannot fix any issue, then you can contact us, we will fix any of issue, but we need service charge 1500 BDT and go and come financial support.

What is payment system or advance?
You need to advance pay all of product costing, you can due little bit amount, that you can pay after successfully installed everything. our exacted payment methods are at:

How to calculate as per pay receiver per month payment?
its very easy calculation if you read our another one article tata sky package choice at:

How to start Local Satellite Video Channel Solutions?
You need to read Local Satellite Video Channel Solutions article at:

Which software will help me to play Local Satellite Video Channel ?
Satellite Local TV Channel Soft details article at:

How to get power backup solutions?
Yes, you must need Control Room Power Backup Solutions read bellow link.

Have any heavy type top quality multi flag plan?
Yes, we have top quality multi flag plan, read bellow article!

Can I sell/resell our control room TV signal to other?
Yes, you can sell/resell your control room TV signal other company, you can transfer TV signal using cable or Wi-fi, you can transfer your  TV signal up to 100 KM using Wi-fi plan to other feed control room without any cable line...

Can i add or remove any channel any time?
Yes, you can add any TV channel any time and you can remove any TV channel any time,

Thank you for visiting our above Frequently asked questions page and your c-ordial co-operation work with us.

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