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I have DTH service provider company, called “Multiway Info System”, I am selling HD DishTV setup professionally, customer need to understand 3 part of HD DishTV Setup
(1) all instrument: * HD DishTV set top box, * Remote, * Power adaptor, * HDMI cable, * Dish TV LNB, * Umbrella, all product home delivery and installation for Connection.
(2) Channel Package Selection: If you select small base pack NEW SUPER FAMILY (Rs. 250) and small HD packs GAME-ON (HD Rs. 145) Facility charge Rs. 10 per month extra, then total package per month cost is: Rs. 405 per month, BDT will be: 688, our currency conversation rate is 1 Rs = 1.7 BDT. Review details pack from DishTV website. We will set your selected package on your HD dish TV connection.
(3) Cable additional cost as per gauge 20 BDT, for example if you need 25 gauges then cable cost will be: 500 BDT.
We help you selecting best Dish TV package, Contact us if you have any additional question, then we will serve you better. Thank you for review our advertisement online!
All instrument home delivery and installation for Connection Price: 8000 BDT, call at: 01911273770 for more details..

Dish TV base packs details at:  http://www.dishtv.in/Pages/Packs/DTH-Channels-Packages.aspx
Dish TV HD pack details review on screen short:

HD DishTV PVR Recording

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