Dish-TV Multi Connection

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Avail DishTV on your 2nd, 3rd & 4th connection & let every family member enjoy unlimited entertainment. So while your kids enjoy their cartoon show, you can catch up with your favorites movie. What’s more, you get the same pack of your main DishTV connection on your other connections & huge savings. Dish TV Asian Largest DTH Service provider Company it provide various Channel Packs started from Rs. 240, we provide Dish-TV Multi Connection and service around of Bangladesh, we are professional DTH service provider company in Bangladesh, called, Multiway Info System, Do you have one more Television set on your family? Do you want to watch different channel on different Television set? Then you have up to 50% cost reducing Dish TV Multi Connection on your channel packs.

Dish-TV Multi connection Complete Setup and Instrument are following
Set1= DishTV HD Receiver, Remote, Power Adaptor, HDMI Cable
Set2= DishTV HD Receiver, Remote, Power Adaptor, HDMI Cable
Set3= DishTV HD Receiver, Remote, Power Adaptor, HDMI Cable
Set4= DishTV HD Receiver, Remote, Power Adaptor, HDMI Cable
(B) Four DishTV HD mini Dish antenna
(C) Four tow output DishTV HD LnB.
all instrument price: 22000 /- Home delivery & installation 1000X4 =4000/-   total will be: 26000/-
(D) able additional cost as per gauge 20 BDT
|| Channel Packs discount Information||
for example if you choice Dish TV higher pack,
NEW TITANIUM Rs.500 with FULL-ON HD Rs.210 =Rs.710
then package plan are following…
first connection cost per month cost: Rs.       710 No save here
second connection cost per month cost: Rs. 250 you’re save here Rs. 460 per month
third connection cost per month cost: Rs.     250 you’re save here Rs. 460 per month
fourth connection cost per month cost: Rs.  250 you’re save here Rs. 460 per month
If you select only standard defecation pack, then 1st connection regular price and 2nd, 3rd and 4th connection monthly cost only Rs.200
You can order us 2 connection at once, 3 connection at once and 4 connection at once, Dish TV or other DTH service provider company does not allow up to 4 multi connection in your home.
You will get same channel pack on your 4 different Television set and you can watch different channel on your different Television set,
"Eligibility Criteria"
To avail 2nd DishTV Connection, the base pack of your Main Connection should be New Super Family or Upwards.
For 1 Main Connection, upto 3 Connections can be availed in the same house.
Pack of 2nd, 3rd and 4th DishTV connection will remain same as that of your Main Connection.
Each television will have one set of box.
All 4 connection will have one same antenna.
if you have old MPEG4 set top box then we have exchange offer, call us for details.
N.B, now you can watch Bangladeshi channel “ATN Bangla & Channel I” without any monthly cost on your every Dish TV Connection.
Feel free to contact us if you have any more question, we always provide superior customer service around of Bangladesh. Monthly Recharge Rate as per 1 Indian rupees 1.7 BDT, If you recharge 2 year at once, then we provide more discount offer.
Only Real interested buyer can contact us directly, we are ready to provide support whole Dhaka City, whole Chittagong and around of Bangladesh. Thanks for read full ad details online.

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